June 21, 2012
Posted in Traumatic Injuries

SAMUEL E. GREENBERG, M.D. MYALGIA MYOSITIS RHABDOMYOLYSIS SUMMARY: RHABDOMYOLYSIS is a syndrome resulting from destruction of striate(skeletal) muscle cells with leakage of muscle intracellular toxins into the bloodstream, characterized by few symptoms, the most common being myalgia (muscle aches and cramps) and dark urine, and few sentinel laboratory findings, the most specific being a positive Read more

Blunt Chest Trauma

June 19, 2012
Posted in Traumatic Injuries

Samuel E. Greenberg, M.D. Blunt trauma to the chest principally occurs from deceleration accidents. So falls, motor vehicle accidents and sports are the areas where this type of injury most frequently occurs. There are 5 major injuries that may occur in blunt chest trauma. These may occur singly or in cohorts. They are: 1.) Myocardial Read more