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Building Your Endurance

Mackie Shilstone Athletes and other physical conditioning devotees are always looking for ways to build up their endurance levels. They read books or articles on the subject or they listen to the advice of those who do. And, although building one’s endurance is an admirable goal worth striving for, there are many factors involved and Read more

Exercise And The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Leon Frazin, Cardiologist Ever since it was noticed over 50 years ago that conductors on public transportation systems lived longer than the bus drivers, there has been an interest in whether or not physical activity has anything to do with longevity. Conductors are walking throughout the day while bus drivers are sedentary. It is now Read more

Getting Rid Of Abdominal Fat

Mackie Shilstone One of the most serious health problems facing Americans today is obesity. The United States has become one of the fattest nations on earth. Nearly 100 million people in this country — an astounding 55% of the adult population — are overweight. Those numbers have grown by 8% in the last ten years Read more

Increasing Your Metabolism

Mackie Shilstone Webster’s New American Dictionary defines metabolism as “The process by which the cells or tissues of a living body transform food materials into their own vital substance.” An individual’s metabolic rate is roughly defined as the amount of time it takes the body to break down the most recently ingested food into vital Read more

Moderate Exercise Is Beneficial For Weight Loss In Women

Mackie Shilstone When it comes to exercising and staying in shape, there are certain routines and rules that apply equally to both genders. However, there are some routines and rules that would apply more to women than they would to men. One of them has to do with the level of intensity of the exercises Read more

Should I Work Out When I’m Sick?

Mackie Shilstone This is a question I get asked frequently and it’s a very serious question everyone should be asking themselves when they’re not feeling well. As one might expect, overexerting the body when it is not up to its optimum operating capacity could, indeed, have unfortunate and unpleasant consequences. The major medical concern has Read more

The Importance Of Physical Education

Mackie Shilstone One of the academic trends that I find particularly disturbing today is the de-emphasis on physical education in the schools. I, and undoubtedly many others my age, remember when we were in school and Phys Ed was not a course option. It was an absolute requirement. As much a part of your educational Read more

Walking Toward Better Health

Mackie Shilstone Once you have embarked on a conscious and well-thought-out plan for losing weight, one of the best things you can do to shed pounds and keep them off is aerobic walking. Walking between 45 and 60 minutes a day is, by far, one of the easiest and most beneficial forms of exercise in Read more