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Cancer of the Head and Neck

James W. Lucarini, MD FACS Introduction Epidermoid or squamous cell cancer of the head and neck (SCCHN) is often a tragic and debilitating disease that is preventable in most cases. As in most cancers, early detection and treatment are the keys to curing these malignant tumors. The strong relationship between these tumors and tobacco and Read more

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Cancer of the Lung

Contributing Author, Cardiothoracic Surgeon Here in the Southeast many patients have a long history of smoking most of their lives. In at least 80% of lung cancer or bronchogenic carcinoma cases in our part of the country, a direct link can be made to smoking and tobacco use. Usually the typical patient presents to his Read more

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Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Francis C. Evans, M.D., FACS Despite the great advances in medicine, breast cancer remains for the most part an unpreventable disease, and is the most common cancer in women. The majority of women with breast cancer indeed are cured of their disease; nonetheless, breast cancer is only secondary to lung cancer among the causes of Read more

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Gastroesophageal Junction Carcinoma

Contributing Author, Cardiothoracic Surgeon Cancer is a pervasive part of our society. It affects all ages and each generation has its unique experiences with this menace to our well being. Gastroesophageal cancer is a silent stalker here in the South. More specifically, it is a cancer that develops at the junction between the esophagus, the Read more

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